JOLT began after the Women's March, when the members of a small suburban book group felt inspired and compelled to speak out for human dignity, fair government and a just and humane society. What started with a simple post-card signing event has become part of a movement to safeguard our Democracy and preserve the basic principals that have guided us as a nation; freedom from oppression, embracing of diverse cultures;  and to defend and protect our planet for future generations.




To JOIN together and use our power as citizens to affect change.

To ORGANIZE opposition to a divisive, inauthentic Presidency, and   a legislative agenda aimed at denying civil liberties, oppressing human rights, enriching corporations at the expense of the individual, supporting an oil and gas dominated economy, and dismantling environmental protections.

To inspire others to LEAD in their communities; to reach out to neighbors, friends and strangers, and to unite for a better America.

To TEACH or educate as to the meaning and implications of legislative acts, gerrymandering, voter right restrictions, executive orders, and judicial appointees.



Daily Duty-15mins4change

Attend Educational Events- issues and political figures.

Activism- regularly scheduled post card writings, phone athons, get out the vote and voter registration events.